SQL for the software development lifecycle

MergeStat enables open-source, operational analytics for software engineering teams

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MergeStat interface

Use cases

Engineering transparency

Keep tabs on the areas of interest in your engineering organization, across repositories and teams.

Audit and compliance

Ensure your organization is always following best practices in the software-development-lifecycle.

Code querying

Treat your code (and configuration files) like a database to operationalize aspects of the SDLC.

Why SQL?

MergeStat interface

Data-informed software development

MergeStat enables SQL queries on the tools and processes involved in building and shipping software.

Use data to inform decisions, support arguments, and work more efficiently.

MergeStat interface

Tailored specifically to you

Leverage the flexibility of SQL to ask the questions that matter to you.

Existing tools tell you what to care about, MergeStat lets you decide what's important.

Run MergeStat on your terms

MergeStat can run on most infrastructure. Ours or yours.

Open Source

Fully open-source and self-deployable on any infrastructure to ensure security/privacy


Coming soon

A hosted instance of our open source stack, managed and operated by MergeStat

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Getting started

Connect your repos

Connect the Git repositories you work with

Select what to sync

Choose what data to sync from each repo

Query with SQL

Query directly with SQL or use a visualization tool

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