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Example Use Cases & Queries

What versions of Go are in use across repos?
1-- count the number of repos using each version of Go
2-- by looking at the version declared in go.mod files
4  dependencies_go_version,
5  SUM(count) AS count
7  1 AS count,
8  SUBSTRING(public.git_files.contents FROM 'go ([0-9]+.[0-9]+)') AS dependencies_go_version
9  FROM public.git_files
10  INNER JOIN public.repos ON = public.git_files.repo_id
11  WHERE public.git_files.path LIKE '%go.mod'
12) AS t
13GROUP BY dependencies_go_version

Why SQL?

MergeStat interface showing list of Git repositories

Data-informed software development

MergeStat enables SQL queries on the tools and processes involved in building and shipping software.

Use data to inform decisions, support arguments, and work more efficiently.

MergeStat interface showing a SQL query running and a chart showing the results

Tailored specifically to you

Leverage the flexibility of SQL to ask the questions that matter to you.

Existing tools tell you what to care about, MergeStat lets you decide what's important.

Run MergeStat on your terms

MergeStat can run on most infrastructure.

Open source

Fully open-source and self-deployable on any infrastructure to ensure security/privacy