MergeStat interface

SQL for the software development lifecycle

Treat your source code and development history as data. Use SQL to explore and understand everything that goes into building and shipping software.

Data Flexibility

Since it's just SQL, MergeStat can retrieve exactly the data you're looking for. Slice and dice over any dimension. Use date and time functions. Export results as JSON, CSV or directly to a database.

Custom Reporting

Save queries you care about and generate reports with data that matters. MergeStat is designed to be used with other tools, making it easy to automate or run ad-hoc.

Postgres Compatibility coming soon

Query MergeStat from existing tools that understand Postgres. Create charts, graphs and alerts in Grafana, Metabase and other BI/visualization tools.

Understand Your Software Development

MergeStat can help individuals and organizations extract raw data and insights from source code, git history and more. It's a tool with many use cases, designed to be flexible and extendable.

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